$399.99 USD (One Time Payment)

Lower your goals against average with the "Mental Performance Program" 

Many people don't know this... but you can easily lower your goals against average when you improve your mental performance on the ice.

There are plenty of different scenarios that goalies face throughout 60 minutes in the net. Navigating these mental scenarios can be challenging and ultimately be the cause of a decent game turning into one to forget. Someone just needs to show you HOW to deal with your mind during that game. That is why we created the Mental Performance Program.

In this program you will learn how to calm your nerves, perform under pressure, improve your focus and develop the mindset of a winner. It doesn't matter what age you are the techniques you will learn are applicable to all ages of goaltenders. Normally it sells for $99 but right now you can get it for just $19. Don't miss out on this crazy deal!

Elite Edgework - Christmas Sale!

You're About to Get Lifetime Access to:

  • The Elite Edgework Program - Teaching you how to properly develop elite level skating & edgework as a goalie
  • Includes 24 skating drills
  • Includes 8 downloadable practice plans that walk you through step by step on how to do each drill
  • Exclusive access to our private goalie community

What People Are Saying:

My kid's a visual learner so the videos worked well, and the highlighted tips worked well for my kid. Great value! It's also great knowing that we can go back to the videos for a refresher at anytime without paying a monthly fee

John C